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Indiana Aglime Quality Report 2023-2024

Aglime Sample A

Sieve Analysis (Mesh Size) Percent Passing

#8 = 72%

#60 = 19%

#100 = 13%

CCE NV% = 93.9%

Ca % = 27.4%

Mg % = 6.1%

RNV % = 42.7%

Aglime Sample B

Sieve Analysis (Mesh Size) Percent Passing

#8 = 85%

#60 = 51%

#100 = 42%

CCE NV% = 91.5%

Ca % = 27.2%

Mg % = 6.3%

RNV % = 62.2%

How to read the Aglime Quality Chart

The Aglime Quality Chart above indicates the percentage of elemental calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) inherent in the aglime you can buy.

Calcium is necessary for organisms that break down and transform unusable nitrates in the soil into usable plant nutrients. Calcium may be deficient in soils where lime has not been applied, where potash fertilizer is used, or where crops are subject to drought.

Magnesium may be deficient in some soils. Dolomitic or high magnesium Indiana Aglime is the most economical way to add this precious nutrient back into your fields.


Understanding the significance of these two variables is key to making the wisest aglime sourcing selection for optimum results and value.

Particle Size Sieve Analysis

Particle size has a bearing on how fast Indiana Aglime will react in your soil and is depicted by the percent passing through a specified sieve size. #8 and #60 are the most commonly used measures.

Acidic soils needing an immediate pH balance adjustment call for a high percent of fine particles small enough to pass through #60 sieve.

To ensure full use of applied fertilizers, specify an Indiana Aglime product with a mix of coarse and fine particles, ensuring both a quick and sustained interaction.

Purity CCE NV Percent

Chemical purity is defined as “CCE NV percent” (or Calcium Carbonate Equivalent Neutralizing Value Percent).

Simply stated, CCE NV is a measure of an Indiana Aglime product’s ability to neutralize soil acidity, relative to that of pure calcium carbonate. For example, a CCE of 100 is equal to pure calcium carbonate.

Therefore, the higher the aglime product’s CCE, the less of it is needed to neutralize the soil.


This figure identifies the overall effectiveness of any particular Indiana Aglime product. The RNV percent, or Relative Neutralizing Value, indicates the interaction between particle size and chemical purity during the first year.

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